The constant attention in the increasingly risk-based regulatory framework combined with the steady commitment in research and development prompted IMA, already several years ago, to look closer at the mix of critical factors that drive the Pharmaceutical companies towards a containment solution, typically: operator protection, product safety, reduced environmental impact, and operational improvement.

In order to provide our customers with the right product, IMA has decided to implement its own brand of containment systems, and in this way, several new piece of equipment were designed to allow  execution under isolator, without any change in their basic design. A combination to meet the pharmaceutical industry’s need of single-sourced integrated lines, making one vendor responsible for the integration of complete lines.

IMA’s answer to this increasing trend of adopting containment applications/isolators is to provide product customized solutions that, as well as the basic requirement to prevent cross-contamination and the indispensable need to focus on the safety of operators, ensure equipment ergonomics: operators can easily perform all steps of the process, reach any integrated part and clean all internal surfaces.

IMA already has a vast experience producing equipment for solid form potent products as well as aseptic filling lines for dosing liquids and powders using various types of isolators and creating highly flexible mechanical interfaces.

Stringent attention is paid to the latest regulatory compliance and in the preparation of the validation documentation package
As a result, numerous FDA approved lines and machines are successfully running worldwide.

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