Ampoule filling and sealing machines - STERIFILL Ampoules Series
Ampoule filling and sealing machines - STERIFILL Ampoules Series

STERIFILL Ampoules filling and sealing machine is a linear filler suitable to process 4, 6 or 8 ampoules at each machine cycle, according to the output required.
The machine has been designed following the criteria typically needed in aseptic environments, such as, reduced dimensions, the geometry facilitating the unidirectional airflow, high ergonomic level, slim design.

The very accurate constructive concepts allow the machine to condition ampoules at high speed: up to 400 ampoules/min and the possibility to handle both open and closed ampoules. A COMBI version is also available to match ampoules and vials filling.
The filling of ampoules is carried out by means of volumetric pumps even if the machine can be equipped with other filling systems typical of aseptic operations as Time/Pressure or Peristaltic Pumps.
The machine is equipped with brushless motors which make it very flexible and versatile.

The machine can be operated from one side only making it suitable for wall installation.
The sealing station consists of two stations with different burning temperatures (according to the ampoules glass thickness).
The machine is  supplied with the gas shut off system in case the flames go out.

STERIFILL Ampoules filling & sealing machine constitutes the core of fully integrated processing lines. IMA LIFE design and develop complete aseptic processing lines, starting from ampoule washing and de-pyrogenating, through filling & sealing, up to the final labelling and secondary packaging of the product.

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- Machine standard designed to accept UAF and RABS
- Machine operation from one side only, suitable for wall installation
- CIP/SIP system available
- Quick size change over without tools

Model B4-6-8/A
Output (ampoules) Up to 12.000 ampoules/h. with 4 filling pumps
Up to 18.000 ampoules/h. with 6 filling pumps
Up to 24.000 ampoules/h. with 8 filling pumps
Ampoule size 1-25 ml
Vial size (for COMBI version) ø 16 - ø 30 mm
Weight 1.200 kg ÷ 1.500 kg (COMBI)
Voltage 400V  - 50Hz
Installed power 12 kW - 16 kW (COMBI)

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