Blowing machines - MISTRAL Series
Blowing machines - MISTRAL Series

The MISTRAL Series of blowing tables are suitable for the dry cleaning of bottles and containers that do not need cleaning with water or detergents but rather the removal of solid granular or dusty solids by a sterile air jet.
The Series includes machines from medium to high speed capacity, up to 15.000 pcs/h.

The MISTRAL X12 blowing table is designed for the dry cleaning of sample tubes and at the same time it performs the function of feeding the containers to downstream machines or to a complete processing line.
Output up to 6.000 pcs/h.

MISTRAL Y10/Y16 and Y20 models feature a particular blowing cycle due to the possibility of placing the containers upside down with the mouth fit on the suction bushings.
During the continuous turret rotation, blowing needles are inserted into the overturned containers, while the suction bushings, coaxial with the needles, close off the mouth and allow the immediate withdrawal of air and impurities.
The blowing action is intermittent, in order to obtain a more thorough cleaning.
MISTRAL Y10 can reach an output of 7.500 pcs/h., Y16 can reach an output of up to 12.000 pcs/h while MISTRAL Y20 reaches a speed of 15.000 pcs/h.

- Automatic in-feed system from bulk for plastic bottles
- Automatic feeding systems from turning table or hopper loading for unstable containers
- Possibility of applying cleaning and simultaneous suction of impurities to any type of cylindrical containers, either glass or plastic.
Model Y10 Y16 Y20 X12
Bottle diameter 22-75 mm. 22-66mm. 18-45 mm. 20-66 mm.
Bottle height 45-210 mm. 45-160 mm. 45-120 mm. 45-160 mm.
Number of pits                -               -               -              20
Number of grippers   10 16 20/10 -
Output  up to 7.500 pcs./h up to 12.000 pcs./h up to 15.000 pcs./h up to 6.000 pcs./h
Compressed air consumption 500 Nl/min. 800 Nl/min. 1000 Nl/min. 800 Nl/min.
Compressed air pressure supply 3,5 - 5 bar  3,5 - 5 bar 3,5 - 5 bar 5 bar
Standard voltage   400V - 50/60 Hz 400V - 50/60 Hz 400V - 50/60 Hz 400V - 50/60 Hz

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