Blister & Tray Packaging - Ancillary equipment

Feeding systems for pharmaceutical blister packaging

IMA feeding systems are the result of over 40 years of experience in blister packaging. During that time, IMA has reached the highest levels of efficiency (99.9%) in terms of handling every kind of product shape, all packaging materials and any blister pocket position. Thanks to a carefully ...

Vision and quality control systems

The vision systems on IMA machines provide cutting-edge technology to guarantee precision and quality in pharmaceutical packaging. IMA has been collaborating with Antares Vision in order to develop technological innovations assuring the growing importance of security and keeping production at a ...

IMA pharmaceutical blister packaging lines - FORMAT PARTS

IMA guarantees the best support for the new size parts thanks to 45 years’ experience and to a complete organization dedicated to the production of size parts, their fitting, testing, validation and calibration. IMA size parts are assembled and rapidly delivered to the customer as a unique unit ...

Optional devices and other ancillary equipment

The constant collaboration of IMA R&D with the customers has made it possible to develop optional devices and other ancillary equipment aimed at maximizing the efficiency of the blister machines and increase quality standards.

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