Blister & Tray Packaging - High speed: 600-1,300 blisters/min

Integrated blister and cartoner (up to 700 blisters/min - 500 cartons/min) - C80HS Series

The new C80HS Series is an integrated blister line designed especially for the production of medium batches and frequent size changeovers. C80HS Series increases efficiency and safety in production with minimum waste of product and materials.

Integrated blister and cartoner (up to 1300 blister/min - 500 cartons/min) - C96-A96

C96-A96 has been designed for the highest outputs and efficiency that can be reached in the world: 1300 blisters/minute. It is constructed with high-level technological concepts that guarantee reliability and efficiency throughout the entire packaging process with the shortest changeover and ...

Blister packaging machine (up to 800 blister/minute) - C80 JP

The C80 JP is a close collaborative and production effort between IMA SAFE and Omori Machinery (Japan). With OMORI’s Interlocking & Banding, the C80HS JP is the central part of the fastest packaging system in the Japanese market overall footprint of the packaging line is greatly reduced.

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