Parenteral Paper Packaging - P.P.P.
Parenteral Paper Packaging - P.P.P.

IMA Safe and CONTEGO Packaging Group are pleased to introduce a new category of display boxes expressly designed for fragile products as vials, bottles and syringes.
The “Parenteral Paper Packs” represent a new philosophy packaging which uses a completely recyclable material such as paper. Paper is also recyclable while providing the proper protection which is needed vials, bottles and syringes in a very economical way.

PPP (Parenteral Paper Packaging) is based on a basic packaging concept:

- Standard IMA Safe packaging equipment is used to erect the “container”, tray or display box.
  The machines used with PPP can easily be adapted for use outside of parenteral packaging.

- The “container” includes features which allow for the proper positioning and care of the parenteral 
   products. Product safety is assured. The product is “locked” into the carton “container”. 

- Cartons are very stable products which can be handled at high speeds.

- Pick & Place systems proper position for the syringe, vial, ampoule or pen into this carton “container”. 

- Standard IMA Safe packaging equipment finishes the packaging of the syringe, vial, ampoule or pen.

- Ease to adapt to new product configurations.  New format parts are extremely inexpensive. 
  IMA machines offer wide size ranges.

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