Capsule filler - Adapta
Capsule filler - Adapta

The Adapta is an extremely innovative capsule filler able to dose powder, pellets, tablets, microtablets and liquids into hard gelatine capsules.
The Adapta's DNA has its roots in IMA's 50 years of experience and more than 5,000 capsule fillers installed worldwide. This knowledge and experience have allowed the IMA capsule fillers to evolve and adapt to the ever changing requirements of the market.

- Exceptional design flexibility: its dosing units are reversible/interchangeable giving the possibility of a plug and play shift between different machine configurations and capsule filling combinations.
- Multi product dosing: this capsule filler is designed to dose 3 products (up to 5 upon request) into the same capsule.
- Total in-process control: with the appropriate options, total production control can be achieved thanks to individual check of product dosage and 100% control of gross and/or net weight.
- Easy access to the working area: straightforward cleaning and maintenance operations.
The new Adapta 200 high speed capsule filler has been unveiled during the workshop "Advancing capsule dosage forms and technologies", presented in collaboration with Capsugel and focusing on hard gelatine capsules and capsule filling innovations.

Maximum output (capsules/hour)  100,000 200,000
Number of capsules per cycle  12 24
Capsule size  5-00, DB, DB.A 5-00, DB, DB.A
Maximum installed power (kW)  17 18
Aspiration  9,500 litres/minute - 3,200 mm H2O 9,500 litres/minute - 3,200 mm H2O
Compressed air  115 litres/minute - 6 bar 115 litres/minute - 6 bar
Vacuum  100m3/h - 3 mbar (abs.) 165 m3/h - 3 mbar (abs.)
Standard voltage  400 V - 50 Hz 400 V - 50 Hz
Weight (kg)  1,800 2,000

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