Capsule filler - Imatic
Capsule filler - Imatic

The Imatic capsule filler is able to dose powders and pellets into hard gelatine capsules. The machine is fitted with a unique tower which rotates continuously taking the capsules through the different phases of the dosage.

Machine kinematics have been designed to allow Imatic to reach a very high speed, while at the same time leaving more time for the most delicate phases of the filling process. The powder and pellet dosing units feature dosators and pistons that move down in the powder bowl, picking up the product by means of vacuum.

- The working area has been completely isolated from the mechanical area, thus preventing the powder from passing to the lower part of the machine.
- Low size changeover times.
- High level of automation: the machine can be fitted with a wide range of devices allowing operator unattended production.
- Possibility to fit the machine with a semi-automatic or a completely automatic cleaning system.
- The machine can be fitted with 100% in-line indirect control of product dosage by measuring compression force.
Model IMATIC 100 IMATIC 150
Number of stations 24 36
Maximum speed (capsules/hour) 100,000 150,000
Sizes processed 000-5, supro A-E, DB, DB.AA, VEGICAPS: vegetable capsules
Maximum installed power (kW) 37
C.I.P. skid power (kW) 6
Standard voltage 230/400 V - 3F - 50-60 Hz
Aspiration 9,500 lt/min - 3,200mm H2O
Compressed air 30 m3/h - 6 bar
Vacuum (m3/h) 100 + 65
Weight (kg) 3,000

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