Capsule filler - Practica
Capsule filler - Practica

The Practica is a capsule filler able to perform single product dosing (powder or granulate or pellet) into hard gelatine capsules with a very high accuracy.
A combination of IMA Active's technological expertise and understanding of industry requisites, Practica provides a competitive solution in terms of speed, precision and ease of use.

- Single product dosing: this capsule filler is designed to dose powder/granulate or, alternatively, pellets with very high accuracy.
- High reliability thanks to the capsule filler engineered simplicity.
- Extremely easy operations thanks to the high accessibility to the working area.
- User friendliness: skilled operators are not required to run this capsule filler.
The Practica capsule filling machine is the latest addition to the capsule filler range of equipment designed and manufactured by IMA Active. The machine was presented at September’s Opening Ceremony, the day IMA inaugurated its brand new production facility in Beijing.
Maximum output (capsules/hour) 100,000
Number of capsules per cycle 12
Capsule size 5-00EL, DB, Supro (000 as an option)
Maximum installed power (kW) 15
Aspiration 5,100 litres/minute - 3,200 mm H2O
Compressed air 115 litres/minute - 6 bar
Vacuum 100m3/h - 3 mbar (abs.)
Standard voltage 400 V - 50 Hz
Weight (kg) 1,630

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