Coating pan - GS HT-HE-HP
Coating pan - GS HT-HE-HP

GS Coating Equipment are designed for production batches. Different models are available depending on customers’ request: GS HT is equipped with exhausting paddles for tablet film and sugar coating and is available in the economic version GS HE. GS HP can be equipped alternatively with exhausting or blowing paddles to perform tablet film and sugar coating as well as to process pellets and microgranules.

- The use of a solid wall pan allows the processing of all product sizes and shapes without clogging.
- The shape of the pan and surface smoothness ensure perfect mixing and uniform distribution of the coating material.
- Patented drying system: drying air is conveyed directly through the tablet mass avoiding swirls and turbulences inside the pan.
- Different sizes of paddles for higher flexibility in terms of pan working capacities.
- Possibility to fit the machine with automatic product loading and unloading systems and Clean In Place.
Model GS 70 GS 150 GS 300 GS 400  GS 600
Minimum/maximum working capacity (litres)* 40÷70 70÷150 150÷300 200÷400 350÷600
Pan diameter (mm) 1,050 1,280  1,580 1,630  2,000
Pan mouth diameter (mm) 400 450  520   730
Pan motor power (kW) 1.1 1.5  3  4  5.5
Process air delivery (m3/h) 800 1,100  2,000  2,500 3,500
Power consumption for standard equipment (kW)** 10 12  20 25   30
* Approximate data (depending on core shape and specific weight)
** Approximate data (depending on equipment configuration)

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