Components washer - Venus
Components washer - Venus

The Venus is a washing and drying cabin for components such as tooling, format parts, hoppers, small containers, trays, etc. The machine is fitted with a pump skid and AHU (Air Handling Unit) with integrated air/steam heat exchanger. The cabin can only be installed over the floor.

The Venus is PLC/HMI controlled and works with a full water recirculation system at low pressure and a high flow rate, additionally the machine with Ultrasonic washing system is also available to wash components/parts with complicated geometry such as sieve nets, mill screens, tablet press turrets, etc.

- Mono-bloc unit with all hydraulic and electrical components installed inside the specific technical compartment, completely isolated from the washing chamber.
- Possibility to be fitted with a hot air drying system and different platforms, baskets and rack to wash specific components.
- Two doors version available for “through the wall” installation and/or to separate dirty and clean working areas.
Water flow (litres/minute) 400
Minimum water inlet pressure (bar) 1
Water pressure during working (bar) 1.5
Maximum water temperature during working (°C) 85
Machine weight (kg) 1,500

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